The Hearing Consultancy is an Irish owned and operated independent Hearing Aid Audiology company, accredited by the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (ISHAA) and on the panel for Grant Aid Benefit from the Department of Social Protection.

The Hearing Consultancy provides a range of services related to Hearing and Hearing Health Care which includes

  • Free Hearing Health check which involves a thorough physical examination of the ears and a comprehensive audiometry evaluation which is a painless, non-invasive hearing test that measures a person’s ability to hear different sounds, pitches, or frequencies
  • Hearing Aid selection, fitting and after-care
  • Hearing Aid Servicing for individuals already wearing hearing devices

Our resident Audiologist in the Greystones Medical Centre is Keith Ross a very knowledgeable Hearing Health Care professional with many years of first hand practical experience in the field of Audiology. If you have any concerns about your hearing or are just looking for some practical advice, Keith is on hand to provide expert counselling in a friendly unhurried manner.

For more information or to book an appointment, call in or phone Greystones Medical Centre on 01 287 4275, book directly via The Hearing Consultancy’s online appointment diary or call The Hearing Consultancy’s Customer Services on Freephone 1800 80 43 22.

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