GP Consultation 70
Extended GP Consultation* 100
Telephone GP Consultation 70
Child/Student GP Consultation 55
Follow up GP Consultation** 55
Nurse Consultation 55
Nurse Practitioner Consultation 50
Telephone Nurse Prescriber 55
Blood Test 40
ECG 60
24hr Blood Pressure Monitor 75
Ear Syringing 50
Men’s Health Screen 190
Menopause Checkup 190
STI Screening 95
Repeat Prescription Fee 20
Document Fee 20
GP House Call*** 170


Medical Card Holder Fees
Blood Test 25
Blood Test for a Consultant 40
Driving License Test 45
STI Screening 65
Ear Syringing 35
Injection with Nurse 20

Both of the above lists are not exhaustive and other fees may apply.

Please check with a member of our team to find out other fees.

* Certain appointments such as, but not limited to, Minor Surgery, Mental Health and Power of Attorney
will require an extended consultation and be charged accordingly.

**Same as initial consultation with in 2 weeks.

***This service is only available in an emergency situation to both Private and Medical Card patients

Exclusions from Medical/GP Visit Card Coverage

While Medical/GP visit cards offer coverage for standard medical/nursing care, there are certain services that are not included. Please refer to the list for details on the services not covered.

Online Prescription

You can now order your repeat prescription online and collect from your local pharmacy

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