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Our services are only available to existing patients of Greystones Medical Centre.

7639396_sPrimary Care

Full range of services designed to keep people well, from promotion of health and screening for disease to assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

14193545_sWomen’s Health

We provide a full range of services including but not limited to cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening, menopause, menstrual disorders, STD screening, etc.

15831940_sMen’s Health

Our practice offers the full range of medical services for men of all ages. We focus on prevention rather than cure and our comprehensive wellman examinations help to spot any initial signs of disease.

For more information about Men’s Health Screening please click here.

10737770_sChildren’s Health

We realise that while keeping your children safe from major illnesses is crucial. We are able to provide you with all childhood vaccinations and other children’s health services.

Rapid Access Children's Clinic GreystonesRapid Access Children’s Clinic

At Greystones Medical Centre we always prioritize sick children. Our Rapid Access Children’s Clinic runs from 9am to 10am every-week day and it’s designed to give parents access to medical advice when they need it most. To ensure a prompt service and to minimise waiting times we operate booked appointments. Appointments are available from 9am. For routine, non-urgent issues regular appointments can be made with your doctor of choice throughout the day.

Pregnancy care at Greystones Medical Centre in Co WicklowPregnancy care

Here at Greystones Medical Centre, we are fortunate to be able to provide Midwifery- led antenatal care. Our midwives are all registered midwives with many years of experience.

Women have the option of attending our midwives combined with their chosen Maternity hospital. This ‘Mother and Child Scheme’ entitles mothers to seven pregnancy visits with the midwives, free of charge. Once born, babies can return to the midwives for a free health check at 2 weeks of life. Our midwives look forward to meeting you and caring for you and your family for many years to come.

family-planing-greystones-medical-centerFamily Planning

We are happy to advise patients on types and suitability of various contraceptive methods.These methods include a full range of contraceptive advice including all methods of contraception and can provide both Implanon (implant) and Mirena coil insertion services.

minor-surgery-greystones-medical-centerMinor Surgery

We perform a wide range of minor surgery and procedures in house, avoiding the need to visit hospital. Most procedures fully covered by Private Health Insurance.

travel-vaccinations-greystones-medicalTravel Vaccinations

A comprehensive travel medicine service is available to our patients with the most up to date information and practices in preventative medicine for the traveller.

health-screening-greystones-medical-centerHealth Screening

We  offer comprehensive health screen services including, but not limited to: Blood testing, Height / weight / body mass index, ECG testing, Pulmonary function test, Cervical smear, Blood pressure both initial and 24 hour monitoring available

SEASONAL-FLU-VACCINATIONS-greystones-medical-centreSeasonal Flu Vaccinations

Greystones medical centre provides the annual flu vaccination.

STI Screening greystones co wicklowSexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Screening

At Greystones Medical Centre we offer comprehensive screening tests for STI’s. Our staff is highly trained and will deal with you in a respectful sensitive manner. All consultations are highly confidential.

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(no requirement to be GMC patient)

Physiotherapy Greystones Co WicklowPhysiotherapy

Renu Physiotherapy at GMC

Services offered include Specialist Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Management, Pre and Post Op Care, Continence and Pelvic Health, Exercise Rehabilitation, Cognitive Functional Therapy, Paediatric MS Disorders and Injuries, Foot Orthotics, Dry Needling, Occupational Health, Arthritis Management, Pilates, Functional Movement Training.

For more information and to make an appointment visit renu.physio

Hearing loss aid help Greystones Co WicklowHearing Aid

The Hearing Consultancy at GMC

Our resident Audiologist in the Greystones Medical Centre is Keith Ross a very knowledgeable Hearing Health Care professional with many years of first hand practical experience in the field of Audiology.

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Chiropody Podiatry Greystones Co WicklowChiropody / Podiatry

Gillian Fox at GMC

Chiropody treatments available include fitting orthotics, removing corns and hard skin, treating verrucae in an efficient pain-free manner. Treatment of ingrown toe nails, fungal toenails and advice on how to manage problem nails as well as treatment of the diabetic foot.

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Covid-19 Booster and Flu Vaccinations